Who is Aynur Yanar


This is your life your reality what do you want to create?

Would you like to delete the files in your head stopping you from creating the life you always knew was possible?

Hi My name is Aynur – originally from Turkey – now living in Brisbane Australia since 2010. After I received my Bachelor Degree in Economics and worked as an accountant for over 10 years, one day suddenly, I recognized that I am intuitively spiritual and belong to the spiritual path so that I chose to follow my heart and decided to change my life totally. I was surprised when the “conversation with God” was published’ because it was what I was doing “talking with God” all those years. As soon as I read that book I decided to explore the possibilities and Upgrade my life by following the principles of spirituality.

Would you like to o have more of you? Would you like to unwind? Would you like to choose happiness? Would you like to stop the endless chatter in your head?

Over the years, I undertook lots of training, and became a certified Instructor, Coach & Practitioner in disciplines such as Counseling, NLP Practitioner, Breath-work trainer/instructor, Access Bar Facilitator, becoming one of the teachers in “Course in Miracles”, Theta Healing instructor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Acutonics (Sound Healing) Practitioner, Landmark (Forum, Advanced, SELP), The Work (Byron Katie), InnerSpeak, Pranic Healing Practitionar, and a variety of Masterclasses from spiritual teachers and techniques, which gave me a well-rounded insight about spirituality.

Would you like to have tools to have ease, joy and abundant and to create a different possibility for your life, living, now, and future?

In 2012, I founded “Natural Breath” now known as “PusulaM Nefes” and developed my own system combining counseling, different breathing therapies from many master classes such as natural breath, transformational breath and Rebirthing Breath, Sound healing, Quantum techniques, Mindfulness and other meditation techniques, Prayers, Life coaching tools, Dig deeper techniques, Access bars, InnerSpeak techniques, The Work and more. Moreover, I am certified Counselor registered with Australian Counseling Association (ACA) which enables me to add more value if required.

What capacity do you have that you haven’t acknowledged yet?

You will surprise to learn the importance of changing the limits in breath and limits in our thought system, and asking the right questions are the keys to living our lives with ease, joy, happiness, satisfaction and glory. The moment you experience the breathing session, you will pass into a deep relationship with yourself and your soul.

Is now the time to discover your body, your potency, and what is true for YOU beyond what you’ve been taught?

It is my aim to turn hope into reality, empowering people to know what they know is beyond a dream job for me, and am determined and passionate about making a difference, and am genuinely interested and enthusiastic about being a part of the transformation of people for whom are ready to change, because, we all have the capacity to change anything in our life with total ease!!!

What if you could change anything in your life with total ease?

Also, my bilingual language allows me to offer classes and sessions in English and/or Turkish depending on the participants.

Finally, I’m happy to facilitate classes mostly in Brisbane, Melbourne, Istanbul, Antalya or travel to where you are, if you’re willing to host one of my classes and organize at least 8 participants. More details about hosting please contact me.

 How does it get any better than that?

What else is possible here now?

Any questions please feel free to ph. (+61 450 652 257), or (+90 545 399 6095)

email me via https://naturalbreath.com.au/contact-us/, or aynuryanar@hotmail.com

Love and Blessings


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