FORGIVENESS; Forgiveness is Selective Remembering

Don’t look for love be love

Forgiveness session is one of the most powerful techniques that create positive changes in your life, as well as the life of another person/s whom you are in a different perception.

There are five steps in this special session, and each step followed by the next one. It is our solemn promise you are going to experience the real meaning of forgiveness to heal the relationships with yourself and with others, and it is so different from any other sessions no matter what you experienced under any name of forgiveness.

First part is about giving you all of the information you need to know to pertain to forgiveness. (Approx..30 minutes)

The second step is going to give you new insight, awareness, acceptance, trust and security to open up your heart and see why you need to forgive all including YOU. (Approx..50 minutes)

The third step is where conscious connected breathing is included, and it is going to be two parts included in this step. (Approx..30 minutes)

In the fourth step, you will be navigated with guided meditation. (Approx..30 minutes)

And it is going to finish up with relaxation meditation and being a circle accompanied by music. (Approx..30 minutes)

Price: $260

​ “Your task is not to seek LOVE, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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