Breathing Sessions/Seminars

Breathing Sessions/Seminars

 Natural Breath Seminar (level 1) One-day Breathwork workshop: $360 pp

offers you; the understanding of what is Breathwork and three levels of Breathwork, the power of positive Intention, how it works and how we apply it in our daily life, daily Tibetian and Pranic exercises, Sound exercises, 100 joys of breath, 40 days prosperity plan, coaching and two full breathing session.

Natural Breath Seminar (level 2) two-day Breathwork seminar: $630 pp

The topics we are going to cover in two days are; The power of intention and how it works with universal Laws. Wheel of life coaching combined with Dig Deeper technique, Grow model coaching combined with Dig Deeper technique, 40 days prosperity plan and how it works, 100 Joy of Breath, Kundalini Breath, Tibetian and Pranic exercises, Sound healing with Acutonics, and lots of fun/joy and dancing.

Natural Breath Seminar (level 3) The four-day seminar; “Sonsuzluk Nefesi”:$1900 pp ( Five night accommodation and meals not included)

When Five night accommodation and meals included $2400 pp

This life changing seminar is designed to freeing you from self-sabotaging, from the negative thought patterns, behaviors, and authority syndrome! and more…
To find your inner power in order to fulfill your wants/desires.

To have healthy and happy relationships with yourself and others.

To be successful in every aspect of your life on a totally different/new level; Personal/Social/Business
To grow spiritually, to look within!
Includes Throat session & Forgiveness session & Re-birthing & “initiation” sessions

Advanced level Breath-work offers you; Three hours non-stop breathing session. This is the art of breath and it’s one of those things that you will be so glad you did once you have!! $360 pp

To be eligible to join and experience this level of breath you have to have either at least four private breathing sessions or two-day breath-work seminar.

Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Classes (Part 1; Breathing Coach; six days.) $2400 pp  + $600 Theta Healing Basic Class

Professional Breath Coaching Certificate Classes (Part 2. Life Coach; five days) $2400 pp + $360 Access bars class

An individual one-on-one session, 60 minutes. $190

An individual one-on-one session, 90 minutes. $260

Group session (with Four or more),120 minutes. $150


Re birthing session is designed to release the birth trauma, the authority and parental disapproval syndrome, the collective conscious trauma, self-sabotage patterns, specific negative, the unconscious death urge, karma from past lives, senility, and any other negativity in the subconscious mind. ​ Price: $260 pp

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