About Aynur Yanar

After I received my Bachelor Degree in Economics and worked as an accountant for over 10 years, I chose to follow my heart and decided to change my life totally. I am intuitively spiritual and was surprised when the “conversation with God” was published’ because it was what I was doing “talking with God” all those years. As soon as I read that book I knew I belonged to the spiritual path.

From 2000`s, I undertook lots of training, and became a certified Coach/Practitioner in disciplines such as NLP Practitioner, Breathing Coach, Theta Healing, Landmark (Forum, Advanced, SELP), The Work (Byron Katie), Pranic Healing, Kundalini and Usui Reiki Master, and a variety of Masterclasses from spiritual teachers and techniques, which gave me a well-rounded insight about spirituality. When I moved to Australia in 2010, I continued my education and became a Breathing Trainer/Instructor and one of the teachers in “Course in Miracles”.

In 2012, I founded “Natural Breath” and developed my own system combining transformational breath, rebirthing breath, Sound healing, quantum techniques, different breathing therapy from many master classes, Mindfulness meditation and other meditation techniques, Prayers, Life coaching tools, Dig deeper techniques, The Work and more. Moreover, I became a certified Counsellor registered wit Australian Counselling Association (ACA) which enables me to add more value if required.

Changing the limits in breath and limits in our thought system are the keys to living our lives with happiness, satisfaction and content. The moment you experience the breathing session, you will pass into a deep relationship with yourself and your soul.

It is my aim to turn hope into reality, and am determined and passionate about making a difference, and am genuinely interested and enthusiastic about being a part of the transformation of people for whom are ready to change.

Love and Blessings

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(Member of international Breathwork Foundation (IBF) & Australian Counselling Association (ACA)